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it's time to make a tangible impact and get paid for doing it.

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In the mean time, click here to register to vote or check your registration status in just 2 minutes. The midterm elections are around the corner – coming up on November 8.

Don’t be silent - be heard!

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a little bit about us

take action. create impact. get paid.

Big tech makes over $750m from your data. Every. Single. Day.

And what’s your cut? Zero. Zilch. Nada. It’s your data, amiright?? TF.

Time to write new rules. 

CommonAlly is a non-partisan digital platform built to amplify the voice of young voters. Whether it’s taking a poll, signing petitions, phone-banking, volunteering or eleventy-billion other ways to get involved, you earn social capital and cold, hard cash when you come through.

our app

regain control over your data & use it to effect change.

Tell us what you care about - the issues that are important to you, which candidates you believe in, what causes you support - and we go to work offering you ways to take action for each.

Everything you do creates impact and builds a valuable data profile that you control. Turn it into cash or use it to support the things you care about.

Your data, your voice, your power - and now, your rules.

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we use data responsibly.

We’ve said from day one that our goal is a future where data privacy & ownership are paramount, and data value is earned through community action. And that’s exactly what’s happening right here.

This survey is a step in building an entire ecosystem where you’re rewarded for taking action on what’s important to you. To us, your voice and civic activity are your currency, and we’re willing to pay you for it; in the future that we envision, so will millions of others.

Please check out our Privacy Policy and hit us up with any questions. There’s no catch, no hidden agenda. Your voice matters and we want to make sure it’s heard and fairly valued.

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your data.

your money.

beta release 2023 🎉
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beta release 2023 🎉

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